Freedom of Speech is now Gone

I’d hate to admit it.  I always supported the fact that an employer had the right to limit speech in their private setting.  And somehow that still makes sense to me.  But the reality is that I work in a highly international work group with folks from all over the world.  In fact, it is not uncommon to be in meetings where different languages are being spoken.  I am not talking about American’s with different nationalities in the their background. I am talking about foreign workers here to work and then to leave.  If our own generations would learn to do my work, this won’t happen and our own Country’s citizens would prosper as well.  But I digress.

The mixed populous breeds two types of speech. On is the topic of the day “gay marriage, free Egypt, Republicans are idiots, eco-freindly everything”.  The other is “how ridiculous to not agree with me”.

I’ve given up trying to express my opinion at work.  It divides me from people I need to work with and I know from experience, it will severely in inhibit our ability to be promoted.  Drive up with a prius playing NPR after dropping your daughter off at planned parentood; this will get you into the “in” crowd.

That is tough enough as I am not allowed free speech at work (or I will indeed be fired and lose my livelihood), and since I work all of the time, I feel oppressed (my wife identified this best). However, these same people surround me in everyday life.  Parents of my children, teachers, merchants, city employees, et al.  I don’t dare suggest to them the basic model of macro economics that would contribute to getting out of this depression (yes, it’s a depression manipulated into a ‘long recession’ by inflation, check your facts)  I’m clearly short sighted and mean (why did I go to school anyway?)  Rich people should be punished because they are greedy (?). Look up the Laffer curve before you suggest that lowering taxes will hurt the economy.  For those of you that don’t pay taxes, please recuse yourselves from the conversation.

So for the rest of you that surround me on a daily basis outside my home, you are going to get a daily dose of what it means to be an American. What it means to express your opinions or your beliefs without fear of retribution.  This includes the sweaty Arab behind me in line yesterday who was unacceptably close to me and breathing his foul breath on my neck.  Next time you’re going to get the good ole’ load “dirty American” direct feedback.


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