Step1 : Slash Spending

The first step to fix this country is to immediately slash federal government spending. Although this will send a shock through the entire economic system, it is a necessary shock. When the system is artificially propped up, there will be an impact from that false pressure.  The approach that we take today where every program begins the budget year with a necessary 10% increase is self-defeating.  There are no checks and balances and no accountability. There must be hundreds if not thousands of  federal agencies that were originally intended (usually driven by emotion) to do good for some slice of the population; agencies   which we don’t even remember their original purpose; and lastly, agencies that fail to actually do the good that they intended.  The public sector, service oriented good intended agencies repeatedly have failed to provide (except for a few exceptions).


So start with what the federal government was established to do: defend the country and the population. This means a military to defend against foreign attacks and to maintain interstate law and order.  After that program is reviewed (and it does need review) and funded appropriately, you then have a bottoms up budget design.


Social Security is not going around in the near future .  I’ll pay into this abomination that has become the private sectors baby boomer’s retirement fund, and I’ll try to fund my own retirement.  I have to do both.  But please, while I do both, stop spending and printing money so what I am actually saving has some value down the road.  So yes, reform social security.   We don’t need  to give moneyto people that don’t need it.  Sorry, if you don’t need it, you don’t get it.  I don’t care if you paid into it.  So did I and so am I, but we all know I am not going to see it.   Please don’t have our younger generation of new workers entering the work  force pay into this social security that is giving money to wealthy senior citizens. We must stop income redistributions.  Especially stop sending SSI insurance to young people who are “disabled” from depression or anxiety. Please, don’t get me started here.  It’s the worst way to help them. Cut off welfare, food stamps and unemployment for anyone using them longer than 3 months.  You would be amazed how much communities will help each other and how charitable this nation is.  But it is hard to be charitable when all of your money is already being inefficiently transferred by the federal government to those that don’t even need it or who are unwilling to work.  There are almost 400 million people in America. 50 million pay  federal tax, 80 million receive money from the government.

It is time to eradicate any federal programs that aren’t essential:

Below are the 441 federal agencies that can be cut.  I beg anyone to make a case as to why our Federal  Government should be funding these agencies.  I was very mindful about these so  I am sincerely looking for feedback.

And here are the 38 agencies that I think are integral to the core
of the government.

So in essence, cut “entitlements” for those that don’t need
it and cut programs that aren’t the business of the federal government.

The next article will talk about how to grow the economy
after this shock.


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