5 Ways to Save America: Use What God Gave Us

We have 4 major industries in the United States that we do not profit from or not as much as we should by far. We are expected by ourselves or by the world to give these resources and capital away. It is time to stop. These 5 steps below will alone help change the shape of nation back towards the super power it actually is; just in hiding.

1. We have the richest sources of fossil fuels and natural gasses. The EPA and other forces don’t allow us to use these. And so we pay the Middle East huge sums of money which they in turn use to promote terrorism back towards us. And we give into this (think TSA, traffic cameras, etc.). Worse, we won’t drill off our own coast so China does. Really? Allow the industries to drill for oil, mine coal, build nuclear and harvest natural gas. Whatever it takes, whatever the free market wants. Mother Earth is not weak. Believe me, the Chinese and Indians don’t care about a little pollution.

2. We have, hands down, the best medicine. Market driven (not socialized) medicine has provided us with the best medicines and doctors in the world. We give this knowledge and these drugs away for free or virtually free, even to countries like Canada. It is expected as a moral responsibility to do so. Stop selling medicines at deep discounts to foreign countries and stop giving these away. R&D needs to recoup its costs in the U.S., and that currently rests on the US citizens. By selling them at the market price, the medical industry will profit and capital will return to the United States.

3. We have the richest land for farms, and the best technology to yield the highest gains in crops and meat. Again, we have some moral responsibility to feed the world and thus the market price on food is severely skewed. We cannot give away our biggest and best resources and manufacturing (yes, food is a type of manufacturing as well as medicine and military) and expect not to sell $1 trillion in bonds to China. Sell food to the world at the market price. Private charities will take care of the hungry without a causing a market disturbance. Additionally, our own government needs to get out of manipulating these markets as well (such as the deep manipulation of corn and sugar). Each tax payer currently owes over $250,000 in debt. That is far more than I have ever had even on a house.

4. We have, bar none, the best military might and power in the world. AGAIN we are morally obligated by the world to defend the world. This includes positioning troops around the world, saving countries from themselves, and giving away arms. Either sell the military equipment to our allies, and/or stop trying to free countries that are determined to put themselves back into confinement as soon as we leave.

5. Install term limits on all government federal elected officials such that none of this non-sense can ever start again. 1 election, 1 term, go home.


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