A fix to immigration that everyone can agree with : OLA (One Last Amnesty) Ammendment

I believe I have a great start to fixing immigration in the United States for good.  I’ll keep it simple.

First, I will give a lot of credit to Congressman Luis Gutierrez for spearheading immigration reform with honesty and integrity.  While I don’t believe almost any of his positions, he seems to be the only on with the right approach.

What we need to do is:

1. Fix the “boarders.”

This is not limited to our southern border.  We have so many more immigrants coming into this country via our northern border, ports and airports.  We need proper boarder guarding, north and south.  As for ports, anyone coming into the country as a visitor must explicitly check-in and check-out (which is already done through passports).  There must be a method by which to either find immediately or eventually find those that overstay.  No one should be allowed to receive any services (except emergency services) or licenses if their are not citizens.  If a visitor that has overstayed is identified, they are immediately deported. Period.  I realize this is fairly general, but the reason why I referenced Mr. Gutierrez in the work he has done on immigration, 600 of the 800 page bill is about securing the boarders.  I have not yet found it, but I am trying to contact him.

2. Grant amnesty ONE LAST TIME

Few believe that if amnesty were granted that it won’t happen again (history tells us it will).  We need to not only make sure it only happens one more time, but it must be communicated to the world in such a manner that no more illegal immigrants are welcome.  This means there must be a constitutional amendment indicates a very specific date for amnesty for all illegal aliens that don’t have felonies.  That date must be after a pint where the boarders are secure.  This amendment needs to be given enough time to pass, but not take an unreasonable amount of time.  (I believe the 12th amendment took 6months whereas the 27th took 200 years).  In order to pass an amendment this quickly, I assert that the language of the amendment must be concise, similar to others and supremely dissimilar to most laws written today.  Perhaps something like “Immigration is strictly enforced and those that enter the Country or overstay a Visa are to be deported immediately.” Lastly, consideration should be given to allowing immediate family of current illegal aliens to come to America as citizens (parents and children only).

3. Fix the immigration process

I don’t know a lot here but I do know this.  I work with a lot of foreigners.  They spend years and a ton of money to become citizens.  This is crushing to them when they know that others aren’t following the rules.  I know we do need to adjust the rules of who can come.  Immigrants must be able to contribute to society.  Immigrants must have skills that we need.  They must not be criminals.  They must have employment upfront.  I’m sure there are many more. So many countries (all of them?) have such strict immigration policies so why shouldn’t we?  Again, I am not an expert here and perhaps I will find details in Mr. Gutierrez’s writings.

I’ll be sending this to my representative and Mr. Gutierrez.  I am seeking feedback in the meantime.


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