An Open Letter to Climate Change Deniers : A Prologue to Earth Day

In light of the President’s recent discussion on climate change, I want to echo his statement: “Climate change can no longer be denied – or ignored.”   It’s hard to believe that with all of the evidence presented that thinking people could still dismiss the dangers to our home, planet earth.  As far back as the 70’s we were warned about global cooling and the threats therein; then in the mid-90 the clear facts were laid out for global warming.  And in recent years, and with the evidence presented in the previous decades, if you cannot absorb the weight of climate change, I’m hoping this personal approach might finally sink in.  And no, I won’t use derisive terms like neanthrathal, ignorant neo-con, or clearly racists to describe who you are.

I have had to deal with climate change ever since I can remember, and my mother shares with me that the effects of climate change have been affecting me since I was born; and more than others mostly because of my partial Irish heritage and light pigmentation I poses.  Because of that, I have had to face the effects of climate change on a daily basis, and sometimes hour by hour.    I’m going to share with you my coping mechanisms via “A day in the life”, which might inspire you to reconsider your position.

It begins when I wake up, and in fact the change in climate sometimes wakes me up.  Sometimes the temperature drops so significantly overnight, that when I get out of bed I have to put on slippers, or long pajamas.  Alternatively, the temperature can rise quite significantly in the morning and I must change my day to perhaps take a cooler shower, and earlier.

Most challenging however, is throughout the day.   I have to make quick decisions about whether or not to wear a jacket, or shorts, and even what color to wear.  The occasional threat of rain or even snow can really disrupt my day.  There have been times when the snow was so cold, that I couldn’t enjoy a leisure day in the park either because the road was too icy, or it was simply not enjoyable.

So if you find yourself doubting or denying climate change facts, just think twice before you apply that sun screen and jump in a swimming pool.   Because if you don’t, climate change caused by the setting sun could make for a miserably cold walk to your towel.


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