My 20 year relationship with PayTrust ends horribly

My 20 year relationship with PayTrust ends horribly

What happened to PayTrust?  Almost (over?) 20 years ago I found this company that did online bill pay.  I had used one or two before and they were awful.  Out of the gate, and for almost 18 years, PayTrust was the most amazing service.  In fact, they sent me a t-shirt for raving about them and sending them business.

Then what happened? About a year and a half ago, our bank made an error and our account wasn’t credited with my paycheck.  In that day, PayTrust paid the garbage bill.  Because our account didn’t cover the bill, what did they do?  After 17 or 18 years of service with them?

They *IMMEDIATELY* sent us to collections AND suspended our account.  We fixed the bank account immediately but it took us 3 weeks to restore our Paytrust service, in which time we went late on almost every bill we had

Now, now we need our bill CD for 2015 and they refuse.  Unbelievable.  No price, no option.

Though I enjoyed ~18 years of service, the pain the caused our household in the end, wasn’t worth it.


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