An Open Letter to All of you Black Lives Matter Protesters and Football Players who Refuse to Stand During the National Anthem

I just thought you’d like to know that the majority of people, well at least the vast majority of informed, thinking people, who take the time to read facts, listen to real open debate (not the debates that are often one-sided due to the nature of your fascist violent shutdown of free speech  as your version of free speech is “only if you’re black and you agree with me”, well, we think that you are all idiots.

If you think that America is oppressive against blacks, and has a history of this, do a few things to remove your shroud of ignorance.  Because though blacks were mistreated historically, and still are today, so is EVERYONE and relative to other countries, this nation is a haven for people from different backgrounds.

Read some World History – Discover that America is the ONLY country that went to war to free the slaves. By the way, when you idiots are dragging some poor white guy out of a car during your seemingly common riots, did you ever stop to think – “hey, maybe this guys ancestors died to free my ancestors?”

Discover that the Republican Party was *founded* for one single mission – to free the slaves.

Discover that blacks were not the only slaves – not even in America, not even today.

Discover that the most wicked of slave masters in America, in fact the one that is written about in Roots was a black man.

If you truly believe that America has some vendetta against black people, or that cops do, the I promise you – you have not left the mainland.  Travel – travel to a different country.  Find out what *real* oppression and racism is about.

Then, when you’ve done your reading and travelling, you’ll realize that I, as generally a white guy, don’t give a fuck what color you are.

And to put my final point on this, I have been pulled over by cops twice for being white in a black neighborhood.  I lived in Oakland; loved it; and loved all my black friends and neighbors – some of the best people around.  I’m sure if you dropped your attitude and got educated on the topic you are so angry about, we’d get along swimmingly.


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