Perhaps some comfort to those I love

I’ve reflected on this for a while, so I appreciate you taking the time to read it.

I’m witnessing my friends and family experiencing grief, anger, fear and many other emotions surrounding the recent presidential election.  My goal here is to be as brief as I can, offer another stream of thought for those who are hurting to potentially adopt, and hopefully bring some comfort to those I love.

The emotions that I am sensing from those who are honest enough to express them, aren’t foreign to me; which is why I hope I might have the smallest of impact, if any, on you today.  And I’ll never rob anyone of how they feel.  But do believe me when I say, I strongly believe, and can only hope, that those horrible feelings, based upon what I’ve read about how you’ve expressed them, are founded on future experiences and future events that I don’t believe will ever come to fruition.

That is, I believe that our country is finally positioned to be made better, not by the man, the president elect, but rather by the positions and proposals that he, and his advisors, have put forth. I’m trying to share that I trust your fear will subside over time as you find yourself better positioned to improve yourself as the shackles of many, many years of regulations, politically motivated laws based upon unnecessary newly formed “social justice norms”, and a mountain of economic policies that starved all of us for so long, are shed.

And why do I think I might even be in a position to attempt to share this advice and hopeful comfort?  Because those feelings that are causing you to unfriend family and friends on Facebook, disconnect yourselves from those you have otherwise loved and adored to date, or even the common folk – well, I’ve felt them for a decade.  I’ve lived them.  They were not fears; they are my reality.

And I hear you – it’s not fun.

My 10 years was real – I pray that yours is surprisingly pleasant. I really do.


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