Dear Mr. President, (H1b)

Today, the 4th of July is a sad day for me.  I applied for unemployment for the first time in my life (and I doubt I’ll get it since I’ve already been turned down); I’ve worked just about every day of my 47 years since I was 11.  That is sad.

What is sadder is that I’m too ashamed to go outside and celebrate the 4th with my neighbors.  Why? Because my neighbors aren’t from this country; they are from India.  They can afford fireworks, and to celebrate my country’s Independence Day.  I cannot.

I’m no slouch.  I hold over a dozen patents, I hold a degree in Economics from UC Berkeley (sad I know) and a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Washington.  I worked for Microsoft starting in 1992 for about 25 years, and still cannot afford, today, health insurance and college tuition for my boys.  And my salary keeps going down and down and down.

The gist of it is this: H1b Visa holders are imported labor that are *not qualified* most of the time, ESPECIALLY FROM INDIA.  I hold no, and I mean zero, reservations about Americans of Indian decent. And, in fact, I hold little reservation for most other countries that work under that same Visa designation (Russians are particularly amazing software developers, as well are others from different nations).

But please, believe me when I say, the “talent” that is taking our jobs and decreasing our wages from mainland India are far, far undertrained.  Those that work in their native country, in contracting houses within India, tend to not show up for work, and have little to no experience whatsoever.

Those that are lucky enough to find their way to our shores come far undertrained and undereducated, and defeat our once amazing progress in computer science.  Those of us American trained computer scientists (or well-trained scientists from other regions), end up always fixing the mess that the Indian imported labor creates.   But management never sees it that way. They see low dollars, they see cheap labor, and we’re tired of cleaning up the messes of folks that are destroying my life efforts and investments.  Few will state this publicly, and I’m sure to cripple my career for doing so, but it had to be said.

And it’s much worse than what I state here.   On the surface, folks who originate from India are very polite, and appear extremely “American”. And in fact, we do share a lot of common traits -> most importantly, the desire to achieve and sustain ourselves. (there are always exceptions).

What you don’t see, and what I was privy to in a 6 month office-share with an Indian Native, is the horrific racism that exists under their façade.  They only hire from within, they only promote from within, and even as a manager at Microsoft myself, I was instructed to “promote Indian’s this year” (and for a few years after that).   It’s nepotism in a most aggressive form at a national level, and it’s silent, hidden, and destroying us.

I do hope to find resolve soon, and I will; but it will be at an even lower wage than I was earning over 20 years ago.  I’ll restate – I’m no slouch – I’m and industry mogul on some levels, having invented most of the technology that people pretend to know ->

I beg of you, stop the H1b program; we have enough talent; we’d be doing better without the imported under skilled labor, I assure you.

And don’t stop what you are doing.  You are my last hope.   And I’m available for hire.

And though I know you must be a solid, loving father, sharing fatherly advice never hurts ->


One thought on “Dear Mr. President, (H1b)”

  1. Well stated. The H1b is crippling American innovation, jobs, research, and ultimately, our pioneering spirit.

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