My Musical Genius Brother

This chat in Skype with my brother just needed to be recorded.

(me) : ok, wait , now I studied music composition at Berkeley – how in the hell, when you are ripping a lead, do you stay on key; how can you look at that keyboard and know which strings do so when keys are so different?

(him) : t’s the shadow of the notes and the color. It’s Legos that for together in a visual pattern. I don’t create or write solos. I picture what I want it to sound like in a moving 3d sort of world, then I simply repaint it with the instrument.
That’s why simple electronic music is so offensive. It’s a boring picture. But a davinci is a piece of art that is very difficult to reproduce, but challenging.

(my children) have explored similar questions to what I’m seeing. They’ve turned then in as reports and papers for their school work in the past. The colors and designs have since now made more sense to them. Especially the colors. They’ve tried to ensure validity by attempting to stump me, but the colors never lie. (my son) will them detune a guitar, play a random chord, and the notes are undeniable. Just like if I show you a picture of Mickey mouse, then hide it, and ask you to redraw it with crayons.
The shape and color of the key of F for example is so so so different from the shape and movement of the key of Amaj7 … They move differently over time. I just thought everyone else could see these patterns all along. All this time.


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